Types of Cosmetic Packaging Bottles

Vacuum bottle: cover, shoulder sleeve, vacuum pump, piston. It relies on air pressure to operate. The matched nozzle includes rooster beak nozzle (some are fully plastic and some have a layer of electroplated aluminum outside), and duck-billed flat nozzle is covered with a layer of plastic outside.

Emulsion bottle: consisting of cover, shoulder sleeve, emulsion pump, and piston. Mostly equipped with an internal hose, made of PET, glass or other materials.

Perfume bottle: perfume is packaged in a glass bottle with an aluminum shell (rotating and non-rotating according to the cap) or a PP bottle, and a glass dropper style. The inner tank of the cylinder perfume bottle mostly composed of glass and PP. Large-capacity bottles should use glass because of their longer storage time, while PP is suitable for small-capacity and short-term storage.

Cream jar: ECO friendly cosmetic jars with outer cover, inner cover, outer bottle, and inner tank.

Blow-molded bottle: mostly made of PET material. The cover is divided into three types: Qianqiu cover, flip cover, and screw cover. Blow molding directly shapes the bottle embryo. The characteristic is that there is a protruding point at the bottom of the bottle, which looks brighter under the light.

Aluminum-plastic soft tube: the innermost layer is made of PE material, and the outside is an aluminum shell. It is printed with glue, cut, and rolled according to the tube head type, which could be round, flat, or oval.

All-plastic soft tube: entirely made of PE material, and the tube is pulled out first before cutting, printing, and hot stamping. It could be round, flat or oval according to the tube head type.